admin integration

By default the full URL of the post will be used for sharing. Now, using your users can share short links of your posts and pages. The share icons in this page, share links which are shortend using Try sharing using the icons in this page Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing … integration Read More »

Custom icons

You can create and add custom icons for any new social network to share or add a icon to follow your social profile URL.


Encourage visitors to follow your social profile by displaying widgets like Facebook page, Twitter feed and Follow me icons on your sidebar – all out of the box. You don’t need to have separate plugins now.

Multiple icon shapes, sizes, colors

Customize the social icons with a variety of options. This helps you match the style of your website and look good. Different Layouts Normal Flexible Different sizes 32px 40px 48px 64px Different shapes Square Circle Squircle Squircle 2 Drop Diamond Ribbon Custom colors

55+ icons

WP Socializer includes all the popular social network icons you need to add sharing and follow buttons on your website. All Share icons All Follow icons


Create shortcodes for social sharing icons and follow icons to use them in any custom location. Share icons [wpsr_share_icons icons=”facebook,twitter,pinterest,email” icon_size=”40px” icon_bg_color=”red” icon_shape=”drop”] Follow icons [wpsr_follow_icons facebook=”” twitter=”” instagram=”” bg_color=”green” shape=”circle”] Share link [wpsr_share_link for=”twitter”]Tweet about this page[/wpsr_share_link]

Text sharebar

Add tooltip to share the text selected by the user on social media sites. Note: Select a text in this page to open the text sharebar