Multiple messages

In this page, you can see an announcement bar with multiple announcement messages. They will play automatically if “autoplay” is enabled. You can switch between the messages by clicking the next/prev buttons. You can also select an option to display one random message out of many.

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Visitor conditions

With visitor conditions, you can target visitors when they meet specific criteria. There are multiple options and you can build conditional rules. See the docs for more information. In this example the announcement is shown only when the page has the query utm_campaign=new-year. Try appending ?utm_campaign=new-year to the URL and press enter. The announcement will

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In this example you can see animation added to the buttons. It is also configured to repeat the animation for every 2 seconds. Both the primary and secondary buttons can be animated like in this page. There are mulitple animation options. See the docs for the full list

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