Filter by Keyword

In Super RSS Reader PRO version you can filter RSS feed by certain keywords present in feed title, description or URL Below rule is set on the RSS feed to show only feed items which has the word “Samsung”


Super RSS reader has support for hooks using which you can manipulate the RSS feed display or even insert advanced data present in your feed. You can refer more details on the hook in the documentation page. Hooks are supported in both free and PRO versions. In this page you can find an example where …

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Super RSS reader has options to toggle information like feed item description, date, author change length of title, description, length of description, size of thumbnail etc. Widget options Below is a screenshot of the widget options. Please refer plugin details page for latest on this


Super RSS Reader can look for thumbnails in a RSS feed and display them beautifully in different aligments as required.

Multiple tabs

With Super RSS Reader plugin you can display multiple RSS feeds all in one widget ! They will displayed in separate tab 😉

Custom template

Custom template allows you to change the order the feed content or add custom HTML to it. This option is available in both shortcode and in the widget. Using shortcode [srr_feed urls=”” tab_titles=”Android” color_style=”twitter” show_author=1 show_date=1 display_type=grid template=”%%metadata%% <h3>%%title%%</h3> %%thumbnail%% %%description%%” grid_columns=3 show_author=0 thumbnail_position=cover] In widget Please find the widget on the right side sidebar.